The Uanika are a tragic race who serve the natural world. Born from contracts with the forests, the Uanika are a race comprised entirely of those who failed in some great venture or another and made a deal with the forces of nature to get some favor in exchange for their life of service. They are then reincarnated as Uanika. All Uanika serve the natural world in one way or another and revere nature. Uanika exist in most enviroments, with their skin and hair colors depending on their home terrain. Those that cease to revere nature or turn their back on the forces that aided them lose their vibrant colors and have cold, grey skin, and snow white hair. Typically, their appearance seems aged as well. Most Uanika are druids, though other classes exist. Uanika are exceptionally rare with most considering them a myth, and the few that do see them, typically only see one in their lifetime. Uanika’s height ranges from 2 feet to 3 feet tall, they typically live to be 250 years old from the day they are reincarnated, though it is possible for a Uanika to grow as old as 500 before death.