GM Note: I realize that the links take you to websites that may or may not describe these deities as gods instead of dragons. In this campaign they are all dragons, or, in some cases, are, in fact, gods but have left or abandoned the world as we know it. Not all dragons are gods, but all dragons are god-like. Please check out the lore page to view the story behind the gods, dragons, and religion in this world. If you have any particular questions, let me know.


Ao is the all-powerful, the all-knowing, the creator, and the destroyer.

If it were not for Ao’s involvement in the Cataclysm, it would most likely be forgotten. Ao does not want to be known. Ao’s name is beginning to disappear from written records. What goes on in Krynn and what the other deities do are of no concern to Ao, for it has a grander plan in mind.