“Before the Dragons, there were gods. Actual gods. I know this idea is quite confusing to you, little strangers. ‘What are gods?’ your puzzled expressions say to me. That is not such an easy question for me to answer, though I will try my best if it will satisfy you. The gods were more idea that being. Things that could last an eternity and even longer. They were birthed from the paradox of Ao, the All Glorious; from nothing, and nothing being something, they came forth into chaos. Now, this chaos is unable to be defined by any mortal tongue; this chaos is very different than the one you and I understand. This chaos was a place, a space in nonexistence, before Krynn, before life, before time. The gods deemed the chaos ‘The Tempest.’
“The gods dwelled within this chaos for quite some time, contemplating the nothingness. They decided to try and contain ‘The Tempest’ to let in the universe. With their powers combined, they trapped ‘The Tempest.’ Now that chaos was locked away from the universe, they set about a different task: creating Krynn.
“Each god molded some aspect of Krynn, shaping land and rock, letting waters flow and fill in, painting the clouds and the skies. In the center of Krynn, they planted a seed, which grew into a grand tree. Within this tree, they kept ‘The Tempest,’ and they called this tree the Tree of Eleh. From the Tree of Eleh sprung all life, all the races and creatures of Krynn.
“With a newly created world, they tasked themselves in governing from the heavens and watching over Krynn. Each one oversaw something unique, different than all the other gods. They were not meant to interfere in earthly matters, only facilitate time, control the causalities of nature and life itself, and watch patiently, observantly. However, as you can guess, my little strangers, events did not happen in this way.
“The Tree of Eleh could not contain ‘The Tempest’ for all of eternity. Chaos began leaking back into the universe; slowly it seeped in, but seep it did. The chaos began corrupting and tainting the hearts and minds of life. From this corruption, evil was born. No, the gods were not safe from its grasp either. Some of the gods turned against one another, struggling to secure power only for themselves, and Krynn suffered because of this. Krynn became broken and adrift within all the chaos.
“It appeared all hope was lost. Though, of course, it returned to us, as you stand here before me on this very day. As the Sages say, ‘As one world dies, another is born. It is a time both dark and bright, a moment of miracles.’
“Ao was forced to relegate each and every god. He cast them down to the earth that they created to tread amid the mortals. Such an action shattered the universe, breaking Krynn into many pieces. When this was done, Ao wept. His tears fell upon Krynn, and when they touched mortal flesh, all memories were wiped away, clean and pure. Each person’s memories were then sent to sleep within a leaf that adhered to the branches of the Tree of Eleh.
“And when the last tear fell, it clung to the bark of the Tree of Eleh before splashing upon the ground. A bright light erupted from the drops of the tear, and from the light emerged Io, the first of the Dragons. Io created Bahamut and Tiamat, and Bahamut and Tiamat created the rest of the Dragons. The Dragons took up the mantle of the gods, enabling life and time to continue; however, they did so from the bounds of the mortal realm.
“Though the rain touched us all, not all of us forget. There are Sages of Ao that roam the world, remembering for those who do not, bearing the burden of the Tears of Ao. The gods felt the rain of Ao as well, but they did not experience the amnesia as everyone else did. They were to drift through this world and contemplate the chaos once more. In fact, some say they still wander this plane, though I have never witnessed a god before.”

“You probably are wondering why I tell you such things, as reminding mortals of the true events of the Cataclysm is strictly forbidden. Well, I sense something special about you, little strangers. Perhaps it is the arcane magics that dance about the air, or maybe it’s just my old brain beginning to fog, but I believe that each and every one of you standing here before me has a gift. I sense a warrior’s spirit. I sense that the blood of the Dragon flows through your veins. I sense… nay, I know that you all are meant for great things.
“I also sense very dark things are afoot. Not just within these quarters, but outside in the world as well. I have not seen the sky in so many ages, but I can still feel its roaring tearing through my leaves, feel its tears slide down my ancient bark. The earth beneath my roots is anxious, awaiting a coming evil. Its soil feels sick and its water, tainted. Perhaps those that speak rumors really talk of the truth. Perhaps some of the gods remain angry and vengeful and walk the earth with a purpose once more. If so, the Dragons have a great many problems upon their hands. I do not know and merely speculate. However, I warn you all, little strangers, be careful. Please.”

— Oakensorrow