Please listen to this to set the stage for the first adventure…

“As one world dies, another is born. It is a time both dark and bright, a moment of miracles.”
— T. A. Barron

The world of Krynn is just beginning again. The gods have abandoned this realm, and the dragons have replaced them. All is quiet around the globe.

However, (and it would take the keenest of all eyes to notice) as of late, strange happenings have been occurring. The night may last a little too long, animals may not migrate when they should, the tide may lap a little shallower than usual, stars may shudder out of life, and so on. Strange, minuscule things here and there. Nobody knows for sure what is going on or why, but one thing is for certain: it can’t be good.

Your adventure, dear hero, begins on the date OC 99 Aryth 3. For one reason or another you have travelled to Wayward Point, a sort of meeting and resting place for people of all kinds to stay, recuperate, and stock up before heading off to the metropolis Greyhawk, now the capital of civilization. From dusk until dawn of this day, a special phenomenon known as “Haunts” occurs. For some reason, the Ethereal Plane overlaps with the Material Plane just enough for the spirits still wandering the land to manifest themselves physically, as if they were real once more. The people of Wayward Point are throwing a celebration, and ghosts and the living are invited. The bar and the caravan shops are bustling, a bard sings and tells tales, and people and spirits converse with one another.

What could possibly go wrong?