Here is a list of strange creatures that you may encounter that you might not be familiar with.


Deathless is a new creature type, describing creatures that have died but returned to a kind of spiritual life. They are similar in many ways to both living creatures and undead. However, while undead represent a mockery of life and a violation of the natural order of life and death, the deathless merely stave off the inevitability of death for a short time in order to accomplish a righteous purpose. While undead draw their power from the Negative Energy plane, the deathless are strongly tied to the Positive Energy plane, the birthplace of all souls. In fact, the deathless are little more than disincarnate souls, sometimes wrapped in material flesh, often incorporeal and hardly more substantial than a soul in its purest state. Deathless creatures are the divine personification of reverence and respect for life, bound eternally to the material world. Deathless creatures are usually highly respected and honored by the living that associate with them or live nearby. Seen as physical guardians of divine mandate, even the lowliest deathless often commands the respect of living creatures that would easily outmatch it in battle.