This page is meant to give you some sense of time in this world.

There are 390 days in the year, split up into thirteen months of thirty days each. The seasons run like they do for the northern hemisphere. Each week consists of ten days, called a tenday.

Dates are expressed first with the era prefix, followed by the year, the month, and then, finally, the day. The three Era prefixes are RC, C, and OC.

RC – Pre-cataclysm
C – Cataclysm
OC – Post-cataclysm

The names of the months are as follows:

  1. Zarantyr
  2. Olarune
  3. Therendor
  4. Eyre
  5. Dravago
  6. Nymm
  7. Lharvion
  8. Barrakas
  9. Rhaan
  10. Sypheros
  11. Aryth
  12. Vult
  13. Crya

There are twelve moons orbiting around the world of Krynn. Each month of the year was named after one moon, with Crya as the only exception. Each moon’s “ascendant phase” corresponds to the month that was named after it. The “ascendant phase” is when that particular moon is bright and visible. The other moons are considered in their “dormant phase.” That moon’s “ascendant phase” lasts for the entire thirty day period of that month. During the month of Crya no moons are visible, for they are shutting out the sun, leaving the planet completely dark for thirty days.